Our Green Practices


In order to preserve the fragile and picturesque environment that is Cape Cod, the Sesuit Harbor House is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and actively contributing to conservation and restoration.

Kim has served as a Salt Marsh Monitor for the Association to Preserve Cape Cod, checking local marshes for a variety of ecological indicators of salt marsh health.Find our more at: www.apcc.org

Some local organizations, near and dear to us through volunteer efforts and donations include: The Dennis Conservation Trust
Find our more at: www.dennisconservationtrust.org

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Some of the ways we are conserving energy and preserving our precious Cape Cod:


  • Conserving electricity by turning off lights, air conditioning and heating when not in use.

  • Encouraging the use of non gas-powered transportation (i.e. biking/walking) instead of utilizing gas-powered transportation.

  • Using motion-censored outdoor lighting to replace lights that remain on continuously throughout the night.

  • Installing long-lasting compact fluorescent light bulbs to reduce wattage use in public areas.

  • Drawing the drapes and using fans to cool rooms.


  • Implementing a linen program that encourages less frequent washing of linens at the request of guests. Educating on the importance of water conservation during daily routines and encouraging reporting of leaks or water system malfunctions.

  • Watering the lawns with timers during the early morning hours to reduce evaporation and sensors to turn off the sprinklers when it’s raining.

  • Changing from bottled water to filtered tap water to reduce plastic waste.

  • Using an indirect water heating system with a 96% rate of efficiency.

  • Planting landscaping that requires less watering and fertilizer.

  • State of the art, energy efficient washers and dryers using 75% less water and detergent.

Social Commitment

  • Sponsoring and supporting conservation efforts locally.

  • Donating gift certificates/vacations to local community service organizations.

  • Supporters of recent efforts to pass Green energy policies at the town level.


  • We don’t use Styrofoam products.

  • Composting organic waste for reuse in gardening projects.

  • Recycling glass, paper, plastic, aluminum products, office supplies and batteries.

  • Using reusable coffee mugs to reduce paper waste.

  • Reusing old linens and towels as rags.

  • Encouraging staff to recycle at home.

  • Using cloth napkins rather than paper napkins for staff.

  • Using less fertilizer to reduce nitrogen run off to water table.

Resource Conservation

  • Using paper products in the office of which at least 70% are made of recycled paper products.

  • Using old office paper for scratch pads and the reverse sides for office copies.

  • Encouraging the use of e-mail instead of paper mail for guest correspondence.

  • Recycling batteries.

  • Recycling print cartridges.

  • Buying in bulk whenever possible to reduce packaging.

How You Can Help

We encourage you to join our commitment to reducing the inn’s carbon footprint. The following is a list of ways you can help. We appreciate your support.

  • Shutting off the air conditioning, drawing the drapes and using fans to cool rooms.

  • Turning off the lights when not in the room.

  • Placing only the towels you would like refreshed on the floor.

  • Recycling glass, paper, plastic and aluminum products in the RED recycling bins located near each building.

  • Using a glass coffee mug instead of paper. (Coffee & mugs can be found in the sun room of the main house.)

  • Using e-mail via a guest laptop instead of paper mail for guest correspondence.

  • Recycling batteries at the front desk.